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Comprehensive Prediction for FCC Light Cycling Oil Based on Samples from Industrial Units
  • Hongxia Xu
Hongxia Xu
Beijing University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Light Cycling Oil (LCO) from an FCC industrial unit has low qualities with low cetane number and high contents of aromatics, sulfur and nitrogen. However, LCO can make valuable products like gasoline or BTX through hydrotreating or hydrocracking. To understand the comprehensive qualities of LCO is very significant to carry out the correct and quick adjustments of process parameters for the related units. As many as 127 LCO samples were taken from different FCC industrial units and then sent to the analytical lab for obtaining complete information about LCO properties. A mathematical model, which is able to predict the comprehensive qualities of LCO based on the routine or daily lab analysis with limited data like density and distillation fractions, was developed. The mathematical equations presented can be easily used to calculate related LCO properties for researchers or engineers.