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Iodine Adsorption of Shaped Silicalite-1 Silica Zeolite
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  • Jia Zhou,
  • Pu Bai,
  • Tianchi Li,
  • Qi Chen,
  • Tian Lan,
  • Fang Liu,
  • Zhongwei Yuan,
  • Weifang Zheng,
  • Wenfu Yan,
  • Taihong Yan
Tianchi Li
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Zhongwei Yuan
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Weifang Zheng
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Wenfu Yan
Jilin University
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Taihong Yan

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The effective adsorption capture of iodine produced in the spent fuel reprocessing is an effective way to avoid the harm of iodine to the ecological environment and human health. In the investigation described herein, a new kind of shaped silicalite-1 all-silica zeolite with a binder which was for direct industrial application other than power was synthesized and tested for iodine adsorption performance. Although the existence of binder in shaped silicalite-1 all-silica zeolite, it still exhibited high iodine adsorption capacities of 507 mg g-1, which was superior to inorganic adsorbents such as silver-containing zeolite mainly used currently, and was comparable with that of power silicalite-1 reported previously. Moreover, the shaped silicalite-1 all-silica zeolite could be cyclic utilization due to its reversible adsorption. All these show that the shaped silicalite-1 all-silica zeolite provides the possibility for the application of iodine adsorption in industrial post-processing condition