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Notes on curves at a constant distance from a curve in Galilean 3-space ^3
  • ali çakmak,
  • Sezai Kızıltuğ
ali çakmak
Bitlis Eren University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sezai Kızıltuğ
Erzincan University
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In this paper, we define the curve = + at a constant distance from the edge of regression on a curve () with arc length parameter in Galilean 3-space. Here, is a non-isotropic or isotropic vector defined as a vector tightly fastened to the Frenet trihedron of () in ^3. We build Frenet frame {_,_,_} of the obtained curve _ and give the properties related to the curvatures of the curve _. Also, we discuss ruled surfaces of type generated via and which is defined as a tangent of _ in ^3. We provide examples and visuals to back up our research.