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Numerical Approach of Fisher's Equation with Strang Splitting Technique using Finite Element Galerkin Method
  • melike karta
melike karta
Agri Ibrahim Cecen Universitesi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the present paper, non-linear Fisher’s reaction-diffusion equation is solved numerically by using Strang splitting technique with the help of Galerkin method combined with quadratic B-spline base functions. For this aim, Fisher’s equation is split into two sub-equations with respect to time such that one is linear and the other is nonlinear. Galerkin method using quadratic B-spline finite elements is applied to each sub-equation. To check correctness and reliability of the presented approach, we have realized on three numerical examples and have made a comparison with earlier current studies existing in the literature calculating the error norms $L_{2}$ and $L_{\infty}$. The solutions obtained during the article show that the present method is quite proper for using many partial differential equations in terms of being easy and convenient to computer application.