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Triangle Traceability Method Based on Concentration Gradient and Pollutant Diffusion Analysis in Rivers and Lakes
Wuhan University of Technology - Yujiatou Campus

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For the leakage of water pollution sources, a novel optimized solution to trace the source of pollution in water pollution sources accidents is provided on the basis of the traditional hexagon path algorithm. In specific, the newly proposed solution effectively solves the inherent defects of traditional methods, such as, fixed step size, large number of convergence steps and high cost of traceability points. Subsequently, the core innovation can be summarized as the Triangle Traceability Method. Thereinto, the Traceability points adopt regular triangle layout, but the traceability step size is adjusted according to the concentration of real-time detectors to the traditional hexagon traceability, which corrects and accelerates the traceability process. In addition, the construction and calculation of pollutant water source diffusion models with three working conditions and two pollutants are carried out to simulate the real water situation for traceability.