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Instantaneous Activation Energy Performing as ‘Gene Code’ of Chemical Reactions
  • Wei Zhang,
  • Juhua Zhang
Wei Zhang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Juhua Zhang
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The non-isothermal kinetics of non-elementary chemical reaction is usually expressed by a unique set of Arrhenius parameters although they should not be. This embarrassment results from the vague evaluation of the integral of Boltzmann factor, which has been always regarded as a ‘devil’. This paper shows a method to provide the true numerical value of the integral. According to this method and the mathematical limit concept, the consistency of instantaneous activation-energy-track is discovered. The activation-energy-track performs as the intrinsic gene code of chemical reactions and interprets the paradox described at the beginning. This discovery is expected to be applicable to a wide range of chemistry and relevant disciplines, and to promote unexplored mechanism understanding of physiochemical processes.