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Study on dry desulfurization performance of MnOx hydrothermally loaded halloysite desulfurizer
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  • Lei Zhang,
  • Hao Shu,
  • Yusu Wang,
  • Yang Jia
Lei Zhang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hao Shu
Xi'an University of Technology
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Yusu Wang
Shaanxi Weihe ecological zone protection center
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Yang Jia
Xi'an University of Technology
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Coke quenching process has the characteristics of complex pollutant composition and serious environmental pollution. So, the SO2 must be desulfurized. In this paper, halloysite with natural nanotube structure is selected as carrier, transition metal manganese is supported. The activated halloysite is formed by chitosan gel microspheres, and the experimental on sulfur dioxide treatment is carried. The results show that co-processing of halloysite@chitosan desulfurizer significantly improves the efficiency of dry desulfurization and reduces by-products. The desulfurizer is loaded with manganese by hydrothermal metal, and its oxides are mainly MnO2, Mn2O3, MnO. When hydrothermal temperature is 180 ℃, metal loading ratio is 5%, reaction is 24 h, the desulfurization rate is 79.47%. Compared with unloaded, it is as high as 3.05 times. The halloysite modified by molten salt etching undergoes hydrothermal metal loading, showing excellent ability. The desulfurization rate was as high as 95.49%, and 87.98 mg of SO2 was removed cumulatively.