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Graphene spin coated electrode for polyacrylonitrile acoustic nanogenerators
  • Sedigheh Aghayari
Sedigheh Aghayari
Amirkabir University of Technology Department of Textile Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the recent years piezoelectric nanogenerators due to their more durability in high dust or humidity are mor attractive than triboelectric ones. So, increasing the outputs of them is the subject of many researches. I focused on electrodes of the acoustic nanofibers nanogenerators for the first time. Compare to other works here I want to introduce a new electrode which is cheaper and do not result in lower outputs. Here for the first time, graphene spin coated ink used for polyacrylonitrile based acoustic nanogenerator. The results of the acoustic tests compared with in-situ synthesis of nickel nanoparticles on the layer and using graphene spin coated screen ink and using conductive tapes. Finally, producing sound by this graphene ink was done too.