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Computational simulation to the activation energy study on peristaltic transport of Seminal nanofluid: Application of Pade’-DTM
  • Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim
October 6 University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study light the influences of activation energy, mixed convection, magnetohydyo-dynamic, hall current on blood motion of Seminal nanofluid in a vertical symmetric channel. Viscosity of fluid is supposed to be various with temperature, also variable velocity slip and variable thermal jump is considered. Governing equations of presented model found to be having a high degree of non-linearity. Consequently, we use an accurate combined numerical technique with help of Mathematica 12.2. Pade' approximant and differential transform techniques are combined together to obtain a highly accurate semi-numerical techniques called Pad'-DTM. The results of proposed system of partial differential equations is computed semi-numerically using Pade'-DTM method and influences of physical parameters on the flow characteristics have been figured and scrutinized. The paramount outcome show that the activation energy parameter gives fluid nanoparticles more heat enabling them move more and more freely in the cervix of the woman canal. All computed results approve that the Pade'-DTM technique is an effective computational method for solving peristaltic flow problems of non-Newtonian fluids.