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An Extended Picard Method to solve non-linear systems of ODE. Some applications to chemical reactions
  • Manuel Gadella,
  • Luis Pedro Lara
Manuel Gadella
University of Valladolid

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Luis Pedro Lara
Instituto de FĂ­sica Rosario Rosario
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We provide of a method to integrate first order non-linear systems of differential equations with variable coefficients. It determines approximate solutions given initial or boundary conditions or even for Sturm-Liouville problems. This method is a mixture between an iterative process, a la Picard, plus a segmentary integration, which gives explicit approximate solutions in terms of trigonometric functions and polynomials. The segmentary part is particularly important if the integration interval is large. This procedure provide a new tool so as to obtain approximate solutions of systems of interest in the analysis of chemical reactions. We test the method on some classical equations like Mathieu, Duffing quintic equation or Bratu's equation and have applied it on some models of chemical reactions.