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Are Device Technology Personnel Valid or Valued Assets?
  • Cian Tan,
  • Mohammed Idhrees,
  • Mohamad Bashir
Cian Tan
Queen Mary University of London Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
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Mohammed Idhrees
SRM Institutes for Medical Science Vadapalani
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Mohamad Bashir
SRM Institutes for Medical Science Vadapalani

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The involvement of Medical Technology (MedTech) corporations in the provision of healthcare is in the spotlight following the introduction of post-Brexit MedTech legislation in the UK. The relationship between surgeons and device sales representatives is especially relevant in cardiac surgery: the use of grafts, stents, prostheses, and other devices is an integral component of most procedures. Many argue that the involvement of device representatives in cardiac surgical cases is valuable – they are often experts on their product, able to contribute their expertise in challenging cases, and help ensure the procedure runs smoothly. Yet, the potential for MedTech corporations to influence surgeons’ clinical decision-making introduces a conflict-of-interest and calls into question what the ‘best practice’ for sales reps should be. The influence of MedTech corporations over policymaking bodies in the UK also represents a major issue for transparency and is equally deserving of evaluation.