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On Normal Congruence of Surfaces by Using Electromagnetic Wave Vectors: A Geometric Approach
  • Ayşe Yavuz
Ayşe Yavuz
Necmettin Erbakan Universitesi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The present paper gives an extraordinary view of the normal congruence of surfaces including the s lines and b lines in terms of electromagnetic wave vectors in ordinary space. Frenet Serret frame of given a space curve are described in E3 in terms of anholonomic coordinates which includes eight parameters. Using the expression the Frenet frames and electromagnetic wave vectors on the curve with a linear transformation in terms of each other, the changes of !t , !E and !B between any two points in the tangential and binormal direction along with the curved path = (s; n; b) are obtained in terms of geometric phase ; respectively. Intrinsic geometric properties of this normal congruence of surfaces are obtained in terms of electromagnetic wave vectors.