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Measurement of Range of Alpha Particle in CR-39 Detector by Using Nuclear Track Profiles
  • entesar elaraby,
  • Doaa Shabaan
entesar elaraby
Jazan University
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Doaa Shabaan
Ain Shams University Faculty of Women for Arts Science and Education

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The alpha particle is very dangerous in internal interact so the study every parameter for alpha is very important. The Solid State Nuclear track detector (SSNTD) CR39 used to study the different parameter for alpha. In the present work, the bulk etch rate was measured by two different methods. The results showed that the measurement of VB values by the Lmax method are very close to the values measured by the method of bulk drilling as the average of the two values is 1.25 0.04µm/h. The results also showed that the measured range of alpha particles by the path profile method for all measured alpha energies was very close to the theoretical values of the range. From the results we find that the track profile method is useful for determining the different parameters of the path.