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Prohys - A Novel Hysteric-Proteretic Switch
  • Azeemuddin Syed
Azeemuddin Syed
International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hysteresis is a widely known and applied phenomenon whereas proteresis, it’s complimentary effect, has yet to be explored. A proteretic device is a bistable switch whose states depend on system’s future unlike hysteresis where the states depend on history. As a result, realization of this switch would be of great interest and may find vast applications. Therefore, the first contribution of this work is to model the proteretic phenomenon and implement in circuit theory. This model has been achieved by providing a constraint feedforward path to a hysteric feedback system and the circuit implementation was done using op-amps. As mentioned, the hysteresis and proteresis are two complementary phenomenon, hence, the second contribution of this work is to introduce “Prohys” a switch, the two corresponding states of which are hysteresis and proteresis. The switching between hysteresis and proteresis was achieved by varying the constraint feedforward path in proteretic device. It can also be achieved by adding a variable memory feedback system to the aforementioned device. We present the theoretical model, design, simulation and circuit implementation of the proposed switch using op-amps. The experimental results obtained from the circuit design match well with the theoretical models proposed.