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  • Bakhtiyor Ganiev
Bakhtiyor Ganiev
Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Background: Industrial chemical compounds are also included in the list of causative factors of bronchial asthma. The contribution of industrial allergens to the formation of bronchial asthma is undeniable. The paper considers the degree of knowledge of the prevalence and risk factors for the formation of bronchial asthma to give a reasonable assessment of domestic and foreign researchers’ published works to draw logical conclusions from the research done. It helps to predetermine more relevance of studying pharmacoepidemiology, measures prevention. Methods: A stratified random sample design was used in this study, including custom-designed questionnaires. Two sets of surveys were used to identify asthma-like symptoms, which were then validated by respiratory physicians using a pulmonary function test and bronchial dilation test. Results: In studies carried out in conjunction with professional pathologists, children were found to be sensitized to industrial allergens (nickel, chromium, formaldehyde, etc.), which contribute to the formation of bronchial asthma. Determining, however, is the presence of atopy. Conclusions: Today the prevalence of BA is a serious problem, not only from a medical but also from the social and economic point of view. Many primary prevention strategies did not show in randomized clinical trials sufficient proofs so that they were used in clinical practice. Preventive interventions need to be taken to reduce the disease burden at the community level. It will predetermine further relevance of studying pharmacoepidemiology and measures for primary secondary, and tertiary prevention of this disease.