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Human CYSLTR1 and GSDML gene polymorphisms detection kit provides a new idea for individualized treatment of asthma and improvement of prognosis.
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  • Zheng Shuo Jin,
  • Lingjun  Kong,
  • Zhou-Xian Pan,
  • Min Zhong,
  • Yongshi Yang,
  • Yaling Dou,
  • Jin-Lu Sun
Zheng Shuo Jin
Tsinghua University
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Lingjun  Kong
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Zhou-Xian Pan
National Clinical Research Center for Dermatologic and Immunologic Diseases
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Min Zhong
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Yongshi Yang
Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
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Yaling Dou

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jin-Lu Sun
Peking Union Medical College Hospital
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Background: Identification of gene polymorphisms and SNP analysis of individual patients have become crucial to select the best drug response and ensure optimal care, especially for genes directly related to asthma, such as CYSLTR1 and GSDML gene polymorphisms, an efficient and accurate detection method is helpful for the development of precision therapy. The novel detection kit we used has a reading accuracy of 99.999% for each base and the cost of detection is only 80 minutes. Objectives: In this study, a novel kit produced by Wuhan healthcare Biotechnology Co., LTD was used to detect CYSLTR1 and GSDML gene polymorphisms in asthma patients and the reliability of the novel kit was verified. Methods: The efficiency of the new kit was validated compared to gold standard, gene sequencing methods, and the close association of CYSLTR1 and GSDML SNPs with allergic asthma was also tested. As a result, the most effective drugs were obtained for patients with different gene locus expressions. Results: Identifying 367 publication participants for analysis by two different methods, we validated the reliability of the reagents with “gold standard” assays in full agreement with the DNA direct sequencing method. Our study focused on CYSLTR1 and GSDML gene polymorphisms to select the most effective drugs for asthma treatment, with leukotriene modulators being more effective in patients with the AA genotype of CYSLTR1 rs320995 and β2 agonists being more effective in patients with the TC genotype of CYSLTR1 rs320995.