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Existence of Positive Solution of Superlinear nonlinear second-order q-difference equations
  • Sandip Rout
Sandip Rout
University of Hyderabad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper, we consider the existence of positive solutions of second order q-difference boundary value problem D^2_q y(t) + λ f(t,y(t)),~~ a < t < b, with boundary conditions α y(a) - β D_q y(a)=0,\\ γ y(b) + δ D_q y(b)=0, where λ>0. An attempt has been to establish the existence of a positive solution to the above boundary value problem. Here, we are using fixed point theorems in a cone to obtain the existence of the positive solution of the above q-difference boundary value problem, when f(t, y) is superlinear. This is the new approach to establish the existence of a positive solution of q-difference equations.