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Easier extraction of rare earth elements (REEs) by Janus particle
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  • Haipeng Liu,
  • zhuo chen,
  • Jifang Yuan,
  • Deming Du,
  • Fuxin Liang,
  • jianhong Xu,
  • Zhenzhong Yang
Haipeng Liu
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Jifang Yuan
Tsinghua University
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Fuxin Liang
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jianhong Xu
the State Key Lab of Chemical Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Zhenzhong Yang
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Deep treatment of wastewater containing low concentration rare earth elements (REEs) is significant for environmental remedy and full utilization of resources. Effective extraction of such system at a high phase ratio remains challenging. A new strategy is proposed to perform the highly efficient extraction by using the paramagnetic Janus particle (PJP) as the functional solid surfactant. A larger interface area is provided by forming the emulsion in the presence of PJP, facilitating a faster mass transfer. The ion contained extractant emulsion droplets stabilized with the PJP can be easily collected from the aqueous phase with a magnet. Taking neodymium (Nd3+) contained aqueous solution (100 ppm) as the model of low concentration wastewater, a high extraction efficiency over 99% can be achieved within a short time. The PJP can be easily isolated from the extractant by using a stronger magnet, which can preserve the same capability as the original one.