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Numerical simulation of interface tracking between two immiscible micropolar and dusty fluids
  • Rajesh Chandrawat,
  • Varun Joshi
Rajesh Chandrawat
Lovely Professional University Faculty of Technology and Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Varun Joshi
Lovely Professional University
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The development of the interface tracking between two immiscible liquids is one of the most challenging problems in fluid dynamics. The simulation of the lubrication process, oil extraction, and the physicochemical mechanism that govern the behavior of the uncertain conduct of interface is a key element in “gas-oil” or “oil-water” natural gas-oil reservoirs systems and should be tracked for optimal recovery. Motivated by the interface evolution process, in this article, an unsteady flow of two immiscible Eringen micropolar and Dusty(fluid-particle suspension) fluids is considered through a horizontal channel. The Analysis of the interface between two immiscible Eringen micropolar and Dusty(fluid-particle suspension) fluids are carried out. Although the channel wall is hyper-stick and no-slip, it is believed that the fluid-fluid interface is unstable and can be also deformed from one location to another; thus, the single momentum equation is coupled for monitoring the interface profiles using the VOF(Volume of fluid) technique. The modeled coupled- partial differential equations are numerically solved by the modified B-spline differential quadrature method. The interface profile under the influence of different parameters, i.e. Froude, Capillary, wave and Reynolds number, volume fraction function, the ratio of viscosities, densities, and time is analyzed through the graph. It is noticed that initially, the vertical elongation of the interface is large, and then the shape of the interface (topology) evolves with time; hence the undulating sequence occurs faster for a more considerable time and eventually becomes stable. The qualitative characteristics of this flow are sustained.