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  • Mahesh Pavan Kontheti,
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  • Navya Deepika Burreddy,
  • Rushi Naidu Tarra
Mahesh Pavan Kontheti

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Head and neck cancer are a group of cancers of the mouth, sinuses, nose or throat, where smoking is considered a major risk factor. Symptoms may appear in mouth, sinuses, nose or throat and include a sore or lump that doesn't heal, a persistent sore throat, trouble swallowing and changes in the voice. Prognosis in this type of cancer generally depends on the size of tumor, primary site, causative factor, and presence of local or distant metastases. In general, the prognosis is favourable if diagnosis is early and treatment is timely and appropriate. Treatment includes surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Staging of tumor can be done using TNM classification and the can be evaluated through RECIST guidelines. Removing risk factors is very much important in preventing this type of cancer, and patients should stop the usage of tobacco and limit alcohol consumption.