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Research on core elements of intelligent construction based on IPD
  • NA LI,
  • Junbing Xu
Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Institute of Land Engineering and Technology Co Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jose Rizal University
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Junbing Xu
Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE)
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The new construction method of intelligent construction has brought new development opportunities to the construction industry. China's construction industry should seize the opportunity and actively explore and innovate development of intelligent construction. Construction methods and project management models are two important components of the construction industry, and the collaborative application between the two affects the innovation and development of the construction industry. This article takes this as an entry point and proposes to build a new project management model with intelligent construction technology as the center and IPD as the core delivery method-a intelligent construction management model based on IPD. Constructed a intelligent construction model based on the four-dimensional structure of IPD, discussed the difference between the traditional mode, IPD mode, and IPD-based intelligent construction management mode, and proposed the principles, standard contracts, work platforms, implementation processes, and teams for constructing this new model in this article. The connotation of key elements such as culture, technology, and goals, and finally through the US IPD case analysis, demonstrated the feasibility of its new model, and pointed out the path for the application of intelligent construction in my country's construction industry.