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Green and efficent way to fabricate highly dispersed Pd-modified SSZ-13 zeolite as passive NOx adsorber
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  • Zhen Chen,
  • Yarong Fang,
  • Ce Bian,
  • Zhu Luo,
  • Yanbing Guo,
  • Tao Li
Yarong Fang
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Yanbing Guo
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Tao Li

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For the first time, a highly dispersed Pd-modified SSZ-13 zeolite was synthesized via a green and efficient route without post-treatment and exhibited remarkable PNA (passive NOx adsorber) performance compared to Pd/SSZ-13 zeolite synthesized by a traditional impregnation method. Pd2+ and Na+ located at exchange sites and the SSZ-13 support jointly functioned as effective adsorption sites for NOx storage. Furthermore, this green and efficent method avoids a lot of waster water, electric power and labor used in the traditional methods.