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Traditional medicines for COVID-19: perspectives from clinical pharmacologists
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  • Getnet Yimer,
  • Edmund Ekuadzi,
  • Pius Fasinu,
  • Andreia Cristina de Melo,
  • Goonaseelan Pillai
Getnet Yimer
The Ohio State University
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Edmund Ekuadzi
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
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Pius Fasinu
Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
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Andreia Cristina de Melo
INCA Brazilian National Cancer Institute
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Goonaseelan Pillai
CP Plus Associates

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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There has always been high interest in the use of traditional medicines for COVID-19 from early in the course of the pandemic. Significant advances in the science of ethnopharmacology has helped to introduce chemical entities identified from natural sources into modern medicine. However, the wider integration of natural products into the modern drug discovery process will require enhanced collaboration among different stakeholders including the pharmaceutical industry, academic research units, regulatory bodies, ethics review committees, local, regional, continental and international organizations. Revisiting this topic holds promise of benefit for both the current and future pandemics.