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Effectiveness of two different methods on the perceived pain and satisfaction during intramuscular antibiotic injection: ShotBlocker and Local Vibration
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  • Cemile Savcı,
  • Burcu Özkan,
  • Kurtuluş Açıksarı,
  • Görkem Alper Solakoğlu
Cemile Savcı

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Burcu Özkan
Istanbul Kent University
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Kurtuluş Açıksarı
Istanbul Medeniyet University
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Görkem Alper Solakoğlu
Istanbul Medeniyet University
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Aims: The aim of the study is to examine the effectiveness of ShotBlocker and local vibration on the perceived pain and satisfaction during ventrogluteal intramuscular antibiotic injection. Background: In intramuscular injection applications different methods such as ShotBlocker and local vibration are used to reduce the pain caused by injection and increase the individual’s satisfaction. Design and Method: It is a randomized controlled experimental study. The sample of the study consisted of 100 patients (32 in vibration group, 35 in ShotBlocker group, 33 in control group) who applied to the adult emergency clinic for antibiotic (amoxicillin/cefuroxime sodium) injection between February-March 2021. Research data was collected using the Structured Information Form created by the researchers, VAS for Pain and VAS for Satisfaction. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 16.0. All results were considered meaningful at p <0.05 with a confidence interval of 95%. CONSORT statement was followed for reporting. Results: After the intramuscular antibiotic injection, a significant difference was found between the groups in terms of the mean scores of VAS for Pain and VAS for Injection Satisfaction (p <0.001). It was revealed that the lowest pain level was perceived by the patients who underwent local vibration (3.02±1.07) and the highest pain level was perceived by the control group (7.09±0.94). It was also determined that the highest satisfaction level was seen in the patients with local vibration (7.80±0.90) and the lowest one was in the control group (4.93±1.93). Conclusion: It was determined that local vibration application was more effective in reducing the pain that occurs during intramuscular antibiotic injection, and local vibration and ShotBlocker application were an effective methods in increasing satisfaction.