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  • Sevda Canbay Durmaz,
  • Davut OZBAG,
  • Selma Solgun,
  • Ali Canbay
Sevda Canbay Durmaz
health Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Inonu University
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Selma Solgun
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Ali Canbay
orthopedics and traumatology
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Aim: The aim of our study is to determine the potential degree of the deformity that can occur on the healthy foot, which is often neglected during treatment, in the case that the patient can walk independently, by evaluating the feet, the stiff and healthy side of patients with hemiplegic type CP. Patients and Methods: 13 girls and 15 boys, a total of 28 patients who were diagnosed with hemiplegic type CP were included in the study. A foot examination was done with a feiss line to determine the patient’s foot deformity. The midpoint of the patient’s malleolus medialis and the midpoint of their first metatarsophalangeal joint were connected with a straight line. Tuberositas ossis navicularis in the os naviculare was also marked and detected, and its perpendicular distance to the straight line was approximately measured in centimeters with a soft tape measure. These measurements were repeated on both feet. Results: 13 of the participants in the study were girls and 15 of them were boys. 12 of the patients had right side hemiplegic type CP, while 16 of them had left side hemiplegic type CP. 17 of the patients could walk independently, 11 could walk with support or an assisting device or could only stand but not actively walk. The age average of the patients was 14.5; 42.9% of them were under the age of 10 and 57.1% of them were 10 years old and above. Conclusion: It could be concluded that the existing deformities on the stiff side can worsen over time, and a new deformity can ensue on the healthy side over time as well. We think that deformities can advance quicker especially in cases who can walk, due to the effectiveness of their muscle weaknesses, and that these situations must definitely be evaluated in the treatment.