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Nursing of a Patient with Fever and Psychotic Disorder in the Initial Stage of COVID-19 Outbreak: A Case Report
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  • Hongxia Tang,
  • Mengting Zhong,
  • Qin Wang,
  • Mingjiao Zhang,
  • Jing Zeng,
  • Zhe Li,
  • Zhenzhen Xiong
Hongxia Tang
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Mengting Zhong
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Mingjiao Zhang
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Zhenzhen Xiong

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In the initial stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, this disease was not well known by the general public, including professional medical personnel. In the face of such a severe infectious public health event, they endured huge physical and psychological pressure under the lack of effective epidemic prevention materials and the unclear diagnostic criteria.Due to the particularity, complexity and variability of the patient of psychiatric staff, they bore severer physical and mental pressure than other ordinary medical staff. thus we report the nursing experience in a patient with fever and psychotic disorder who did not cooperate with treatment during the initial stage of the COVID-19 outbreak. This case can provide information that would enable better nursing in the future for patients with psychotic disorder during the period of COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases.