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Predictions of transient flow fields around tea bags during tea infusion process
  • Ashwin Patwardhan,
  • Pallavee Dhekne
Ashwin Patwardhan
Institute of Chemical Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Pallavee Dhekne
Institute of Chemical Technology Department of Chemical Engineering
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The fluid dynamics of tea infusion with teabag have been studied in detail with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique. Three-dimensional transient CFD studies were undertaken on the tea infusion, and hydrodynamic characteristics of the teabag motion in a cup were analyzed. The transient motion of the teabag was modeled with the frame of reference and the flow through a swelled tea bed was captured with a porous media approach. The standard k-ε turbulence model was implemented to model the turbulence. The influence of bed voidage and particle size was also investigated on the flow through the teabag. The increase in the pulse velocity resulted in a higher flow-through teabag. The predicted X-velocity was compared with experimental data measured by ultrasonic velocity profile, and a good agreement was obtained. The estimated flow through teabag for a cycle with the developed CFD model was compared with the previously published one-dimensional mathematical model.