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The moral sensitivity of midwives
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  • Pervin SAHINER,
  • Belgin Babadaglı,
  • Rahime Aydın Er,
  • Nermin Ersoy

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Belgin Babadaglı
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Rahime Aydın Er
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Nermin Ersoy
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Objective: Improved ethical sensitivity allows ethical decision making and understanding of vulnerable people. The fact that the midwifery profession requires an intervention in the private and intimate areas of the woman like childbirth makes it more important for midwives to have moral sensitivity. Therefore, it was aimed to determine the moral sensitivity of midwives working in the delivery room. Methods:This descriptive study was conducted with midwifery who were actively work in the delivery room. Results:The mean score of the midwives was 3.05 and the moral sensitivity of the midwives was moderate. Religious belief has not been shown to be effective in their decisions. According to the moral sensitivity scale, the subtitle in which midwives were the most insensitive was conflict. Conclusions: Moral sensitivity of the midwives was moderate. Moderate moral sensitivity can lead to uncertainty in midwives’ behavior towards ethical issues. Therefore, more importance should be given to increasing the moral sensitivity of midwives by using different methods in ethics education. Keywords: Midwifery, medical ethics, moral status, moral education, ethical dilemma, What’s already known about this topic? There is not enough studies with midwives working in delivery rooms Their moral sensitivities vary Factors affecting moral sensitivity vary. What does this article add? Evaluation of the moral sensitivity of midwives working in delivery rooms Relation between the moral education and moral sensitivity Importance of ethics course in midwifery curriculum