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Menopause Knowledge Levels of Women in the Climacteric Period and Their Attitudes Towards Menopause
  • Jule Eriç Horasanlı,
Jule Eriç Horasanlı
Necmettin Erbakan Universitesi Meram Tip Fakultesi Hastanesi
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Necmettin Erbakan Universitesi Meram Tip Fakultesi

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Objective: This study aimed to determine the menopausal awareness and knowledge levels of women aged 40–65 in the climacteric period, and examine the symptoms of menopause and the relationship with their attitudes towards menopause. Method: Included in this study were 224 women, who applied to Obstetrics and Family Medicine outpatient clinics. The Sociodemographic Information Form, Menopause Information and Awareness Form, Menopause Attitude Assessment Scale (ATMS), and Menopause Rating Scale (MRS) were applied to the participants. Results: Of the participants, 71.0% had gone through menopause, whereas 21.0% had not, and 8.0% did not know whether they had gone through menopause or not. The mean age of the women who had gone through menopause was 47.79±4.5 years. While the mean ATMS score was 43.97±10.93, 37.9% of the women had a negative attitude (40 points and below). The mean MRS somatic complaint score was 6.43±3.74, the mean psychological complaint score was 6.21±4.09, and the mean urogenital complaint score was 3.88±2.65. There was a moderately significant negative correlation between their ATMS scores and their menopause-related psychological complaints (r=–0.317, p<0.001). As their positive attitude towards menopause increased, their psychological complaints decreased. As their awareness of menopause increased, their psychological complaints decreased. Conclusion: Increased awareness of menopause provided a decrease in the psychological complaints of menopause. In the study, it was seen that the attitudes of the women about menopause were an effective variable in the emergence of menopause complaints. Improving the attitudes of the women towards menopause is important in reducing menopausal symptoms