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Gravity in Curved Spacetime yields Quantum Mechanics in Flat Spacetime
  • Shibdas Roy
Shibdas Roy

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We propose that what is gravity in curved spacetime yields quantum mechanics in flat spacetime. This implies that if there was no gravity, quantum mechanics would not exist. In other words, the universe is general relativistic, and therefore, classical and local, in curved spacetime, but the same universe is quantum and nonlocal (Newtonian), when projected onto special relativistic flat spacetime. We previously demonstrated how the quantum Schrödinger equation arises from a classical Schrödinger equation, which in turn arises from Newtonian gravity. Here, we illustrate that the classical Schrödinger equation corresponds to Einstein’s field equation of gravity for Schwarzschild metric in curved spacetime. Since the Schwarzschild metric is an exact solution of the vacuum Einstein equation, the Schwarzschild radius is for Ricci flat spacetime but with non-zero Riemannian curvature. It then follows that quantum mechanics arises from this Riemannian curvature of gravity.