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Deep Listening to the Language of Painting in Experiential Activities for Young Children
  • Qun Lan
Qun Lan
Dali University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study explores deep listening to the language of painting in the context of experiential activities for young children. By combining structured and open-ended activities, the researchers engaged in deep listening to the children's painting processes and narratives, as well as interactive exchanges centered on the themes of their artwork. The study concludes that children's paintings exhibit qualities of authenticity, experientiality, and creativity. It highlights that the influencing factors on children's painting extend beyond mastery of technical skills, emphasizing the importance of sensory experience, including emotional, playful, and linguistic experiences. Furthermore, the study demonstrates that adults who engage in deep listening to children's painting language can gain a better understanding of children from their perspective, thereby providing a basis for continuous growth activities in early childhood.