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Fritillaria pavehensis (Liliaceae), a new species from western Iran
  • Mahfooz Advay,
  • Fahmi Soleimani
Mahfooz Advay
Department of Biological Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fahmi Soleimani
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a new species, Fritillaria pavehensis from Kermanshah province in western Iran was described in the present study. F. pavehensis is similar to F. crassifolia, F. kurdica and F. hakkarensis in F. crassifolia group in general facies but differs mainly by the shape and size of its lowest leaves and bracts, shape and colour of perigone segments. The detailed taxonomic descriptions, diagnostic characters, original photographs, geographical distributions, habitat, phenology and ecology, etymology, conservation status, and phylogenetic dendrogram of the new and the related species are presented in the present study.