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  • Tansel İşkol,
  • Nuh Zafer Cantürk,
  • Alparslan Okçu,
  • Hande Ece İşkol-Alemdar,
  • İrem Cantürk,
  • Ahmet Yasin Alemdar
Tansel İşkol
VIP Security Services LLC

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nuh Zafer Cantürk
Rectorate of Kocaeli University
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Alparslan Okçu
Registrar's Office of Kocaeli University
Hande Ece İşkol-Alemdar
VIP Security Services LLC
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İrem Cantürk
Sabancı University
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Ahmet Yasin Alemdar
VIP Security Services LLC
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The COVID-19 epidemic has been a devastating pandemic that has affected not only the healthcare sector but also all sectors including education, transport, tourism and business. Its effects persist throughout the normalization process. Private security forces are among the industries hit hardest by the pandemic. Both in Turkey and around the world, private security officers have played important roles in ensuring the safety of the public throughout the process. In this study, a survey was developed to measure the qualifications of private security officers working in companies that are active in various sectors in Turkey. The survey also questioned their views on their profession by highlighting the difficulties they had experienced during the pandemic. The results indicated that the public and the authorities should be informed regarding the important role of the private security forces and that the sector is crucial for the functioning of the social order. In fact, the survival of the private security sector without losing its primary purpose and suffering severe economic setbacks is extremely crucial for the welfare and peace of a society.