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Fruit anatomy of the genus Prangos Lindl. (Apiaceae) in Iran and its systematic implications
  • raziyeh zarei,
  • Mansour Afshar mohammadian,
  • Valiollah Mozaffarian
raziyeh zarei

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mansour Afshar mohammadian
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Valiollah Mozaffarian
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The fruit anatomy of all species of the genus Prangos mentioned in the most recent literature from Iran was studied for the first time. In this study, comparative fruit anatomical properties based on mericarp shape in a transverse section of Prangos species. The species were divided into four groups based on anatomical characteristics such as the mericarp structure, vallecular vittae, vascular bundle and rib secretory ducts. The number of vittae distributed in the mesocarp demonstrates large differences between closely related species. Anatomical studies also confirmed the morphological and anatomical differences between sections Alococarpum, Latilobae, Ulopterae, and other members of the genus. As a result of this study, we were able to identify and classify the species of this genus by using anatomical features (similarities and differences between the species) of the fruit.