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Cybersecurity Technology Strategic Plan for Data Loss Prevention
Capitol Technology University

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Executive Summary Technology is constantly evolving every day, and as it evolves, cyber-attacks also increases making it a challenge for all businesses worldwide. “Between January 1, 2005, and May 31, 2020, there have been 11,762 recorded breaches” (Sober,2021). As a result, all businesses need to create strategies for Data Loss Prevention that will provide a plan for the future of mass connectivity, the internet of things (IoT), a plan for incorporating IPv6, and data loss prevention techniques. In addition, it is important to develop a strategy for emerging technology such as tokenization, Blockchain, data obfuscation, data masking, etc. A good data loss prevention plan will effectively provide organizations with a great degree of protection. The Organization’s security relies greatly on situational awareness and understanding of the critical areas of cybersecurity. When setting up a proper cyber security defense, the infrastructure, people, data application, business partners, security, and outsourcing must be considered. Furthermore, risk, business priority, and critical assets must be accounted for protection. It is also important to understand what data is fundamental to the business and what degree of security must be taken to protect unauthorized access or theft of that data. This paper will create a Data Loss Prevention plan/strategy that describes devices and technologies important for data loss prevention in an organization. This plan will also explain how the devices and technologies will help the organization prepare for the future. Next, it will include reasons why it is beneficial to add these devices and technologies to the network infrastructure. The plan will also describe certain issues when new devices and technologies are introduced to the network. Lastly, it will detail what changes will be necessary for the new devices and technologies to be introduced.