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Healthcare and Cybersecurity: Zero Trust
  • George Vukotich
George Vukotich
University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article looks at Healthcare and the issues that exist with current cybersecurity measures. As attacks, including those related to ransomware become more commonplace it is important to provide safeguards to protect the data of patients and healthcare organizations. Examples of cybersecurity breaches are looked at with insights shared on how they happened and what could have been done to prevent them. Rather than the original perimeter security approach which many organizations took a newer approach known as Zero-Trust looks at how to neutralize attacks even if a hacker has penetrated the perimeter security. Key areas involved in Zero-Trust are reviewed and explained as to how the applicability to healthcare can make a difference in protecting individuals and healthcare organizations.
15 May 2023Submitted to Security and Privacy
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