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Development and interaction of sensory systems in babies
  • Doç. Dr. Zeynep Dere
Selçuk University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Doç. Dr. Zeynep Dere
Ege Universitesi
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Sense enables babies to perceive the physical and chemical changes that occur in the external environment. It occurs as a result of the dynamic interaction of sensory stimuli with sensory receptors in the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin. The stimuli that newborns see, touch, and hear affect their brain development. The brain develops faster in the early years than in other years. Newborns have a vestibular system, proprioceptive sense, neonatal imitation, and special senses that help them understand the world. Some babies’ senses are more sensitive than others. Each baby develops differently. The interaction that the baby will establish with his/her environment early on is invaluable for supporting its development. Their senses are stimulated from birth by the warm intimacy and contact established with the adult and the rich stimulating environment. Stimulation of the senses is critical to supporting the baby’s holistic development. This study discusses the relationship between interaction and the development of the sensory system in babies and offers suggestions for families and educators.