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A new species of Indigofera (Fabaceae) from India
  • B. L. Bhellum,
  • Rani Magotra
B. L. Bhellum

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Rani Magotra
University of Jammu
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Indigofera jodhpurense sp. nov. (Fabaceae), which grows in arid places and wasteland near to the edge of Jodhpur in the direction of Pali, Rajasthan, India, is described. Although the species is similar to Indigofera cordifolia and I. jaisalmerica, it differs from these in having profusely hairy juvenile twigs, various types of trichomes on leaf surfaces, and sub-sessile flowers, straightened mucro at the tips of the leaves, and pods that are often single-seeded but can also be bi-seeded. The current communication includes a key to species, a comparative morphological analysis, and some photographs.
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