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Psammogeton hirsuta (Apiaceae; Pimpinelleae), a new species from India
  • B. L. Bhellum
B. L. Bhellum

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Psammogeton hirsuta sp. nov. (Apiaceae), a novel species collected from specifically the lowlands of Jammu and Kashmir, north-west India’s subtropical region, is described and illustrated. Psammogeton hirsuta resembles one of its close relatives, P. canescens, and P. shivalikense; however, it differs significantly in terms of the plant being hirsute, sheaths of leaf bases, ciliate peduncle degree of pubescence, bracts and bracteoles, and fruit shape. Additionally, we provide phenology, a distribution map, a comparison of species with comparable morphologies, and a key to closely related species.
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