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Fritillaria shehbazii and F. selenica (Liliaceae), two new species from Iran
  • Mahfooz Advay,
  • Mehtap Tekşen
Mahfooz Advay
University of Tehran

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mehtap Tekşen
Aksaray University
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Two new species from Iran was described in this study. Fritillaria shehbazii from Western Azerbaijan province in northwest Iran and F. selenica from Kurdistan province in western Iran. F. shehbazii is similar to F. chlororhabdota, F. pinardii, F. kordestanica and F. assyriaca in the F. caucasica group in general facies but differs mainly by the color and size of its lowest leaves, shape and colour of perianth segments. F. selenica is similar to F. avromanica and F. assyriaca in general facies but differs mainly by narrower leaves and color of perianth segments. Detailed taxonomic descriptions, diagnostic characteristics, illustrations, original photographs, geographical distributions, habitat, phenology and ecology, etymology, conservation status, and identification key of the new and the related species are presented in this study.
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