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Hints of Multi-fold Dark Matter Effects in the Universe
  • Stephane H Maes
Stephane H Maes

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In a multi-fold universe, gravity emerges from Entanglement through the multi-fold mechanisms. As a result, gravity-like effects appear in-between entangled particles, whether they be real or virtual. Long range, massless gravity results from entanglement of massless virtual particles. Entanglement of massive virtual particles leads to massive gravity contributions at very smalls scales. Multi-folds mechanisms also result into a spacetime that is discrete, with a random walk fractal structure and non-commutative geometry that is Lorentz invariant, and where spacetime nodes and particles can be modeled with microscopic black holes. All these recover General Relativity (GR) at large scales and semi-classical models remain valid till smaller scale than usually expected. Gravity can therefore be added to the Standard Model resulting into what we define as SM G. This can contribute to resolving several open issues with the Standard Model without New Physics other than gravity, i.e. no new particles or forces, or with the standard cosmological model (ΛCDM) in terms of dark matter and dark energy. These considerations hint at an even stronger relationship between gravity and the Standard Model. Multi-folds can be encountered in GR at Plank scales, in spacetime quantization starting from the Hilbert Einstein action, and in the equivalence principle of suitable quantum reference frames in relational quantum physics. Conversely, GR and Quantum physics, including path integrals, the Born rule, and wave functions, can be recovered through different paths from multi-fold spacetime reconstruction and the W-type multi-fold hypothesis. In a multi-fold universe, GR and Quantum Physics are not incompatible, they are just different facets of multi-fold mechanisms, something that neither theory can well model. Several multi-fold papers have emphasized how multi-fold dark matter effects qualitatively fit recent observations, especially when it comes to the recent observations of galaxies without dark matter. In the present paper, we show that the excess of disk galaxies observed versus simulations, and the hints of dark matter halos "expanding" with time, are fully consistent multi-fold dark matter mechanisms. Considering the recent theoretical encounters of multifold mechanisms with GR at Planck scales, this is very important as multi-fold dark matter effects contributions would be a best candidate to validate the link between quantum entanglement and gravity fluctuations due to multi-fold, and therefore confirm the E/G Conjecture as factual in our real universe.