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Parenting Psychological Distress and Its Association with Demographic and Clinical Characteristics in Strabismus Children: A Cross-Sectional Study
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  • Juan Ding*,
  • Wei Wang,
  • Wei Zhang,
  • Yueping Li
Juan Ding*
Tianjin Eye Hospital
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Wei Wang
Tianjin Eye Hospital
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Wei Zhang
Tianjin Eye Hospital
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Yueping Li
Tianjin Eye Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Purpose: This study aimed to probe the psychological problems in the parents of children with strabismus. Methods: Cross-sectional study. A total of 220 parents of children with strabismus were enrolled. Demographic and clinical characteristics of strabismus children were collected and analyzed. The HADS and SAS/SDS were used to evaluate anxiety and depression in parents of children with strabismus. Results: There were significant differences in the rate of both anxiety and depression between HADS-A and SAS (21.82 vs. 12.73%, P = 0.012) and between HADS-D and SDS (16.82 vs. 31.82%, P<0.001). Additionally, the HADS-D score was positively correlated with strabismus deviation ( P= 0.018), parents’ educational level ( P = 0.001), and family habitation ( P = 0.034). SDS score presented less correlation with clinical features of children with strabismus, which illuminated that only SDS score was positively associated with educational level ( P = 0.040). No correlation between both HADS-A and SAS scores was found with patients’ clinical features. Meantime consumption of HADS was 2.54±1.45 minutes, which was shorter than that of SAS/SDS(7.25±4.13minutes)( P <0.001). Conclusion: Parents of children with strabismus who are experiencing psychosocial distress should be identified. HADS seems to be a better option for emotional assessment than SAS/SDS in parents of children with strabismus.
31 Oct 2023Submitted to Journal of Clinical Psychology
31 Oct 2023Assigned to Editor
31 Oct 2023Submission Checks Completed
17 Nov 2023Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
21 Nov 2023Reviewer(s) Assigned