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Bismaleimide blends as novel composites for mechanochemical protection of in-service components
  • A S Bhattacharyya,
  • Davidson Pyngrope
A S Bhattacharyya
Department of Nanotechnology, North-Eastern Hill University, Centre of Excellence in Green and Efficient Energy Technology, Central University of Jharkhand

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Davidson Pyngrope


Bismaleimide (BMI) is a high-performance thermosetting resin widely used in the aerospace, automotive, and mechanical and electronics industries due to its chemical and mechanical stability. It can act as a protective barrier against for steel and other metallic components which serve as magnets, aircraft components. Carbon Nanofibre (CNF) reinforced BMI has shown improved performance as advanced material which has been shown here with surface morphological changes along with the chemical protection imposed by BMI.