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Food, feed, and life on Plastic.
  • Raghul M
Raghul M

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 In recent years, advancements in food packaging have been developing beyond the bars. Is this alarming? Consumers perceive packaged food as more convenient and extravagant. It is a red signal; we need to be vigilant with these plastic packages. Our lives have been surrounded by plastic; do we take it for granted? The plastic packages still remain an astonishing discovery by mankind, but also a threatening one. The problems here to inculcate are those migrants from the plastics. Regulatory agencies provide regulations on the usage of these migrants, but why is it still a matter of discussion? Over time, research studies peel back the layers and illuminate the detrimental effects of plastics. But they are still in applications, and what more can we expect? The current study provides insight into the plastic food packaging system and the migrants, specifically Bisphenol A and Phthalates.