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A novel integrated group interval BWM-TODIM method for food supplier selection
  • Dongsheng Xu,
  • Xinxing Wu,
  • Moyi Zhu
Dongsheng Xu
School of Sciences, Southwest Petroleum University
Xinxing Wu
Guizhou University of Finance and Economics
Moyi Zhu
School of Sciences, Southwest Petroleum University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The selection of a food supplier involves multiple criteria, making the decision-making process complex and uncertain due to the presence of many unmeasurable and conflicting factors. To address this, this study proposes an integrated methodology that utilizes the advantages of interval numbers in dealing with complex and uncertain problems. Specifically, we suggest using the best-worst method (BWM) and the TODIM (an acronym in Portuguese for interactive and multiple attribute decision making) technique in an interval numbers environment. We introduce a new approach called interval best-worst method (IBWM) which employs interval preference degree and interval weight, and based on this, we propose the group interval BWM (GIBWM) method. Additionally, we present a novel interval TODIM (I-TODIM) method that is computationally simple, avoids the two paradoxes of the traditional TODIM method, and provides a clearer and more accurate interpretation of rankings. Furthermore, we suggest a geometric probability-based method for calculating preference and a preference-based method for calculating distance between two intervals. The method proposed in this paper has been validated by the food supplier selection problem based on real data and opinions from management experts and purchasing officer. We also conduct sensitivity and comparative analyses and discuss the effectiveness and advantages of our method. Index Terms-Group interval best-worst method (GIBWM), multiple criteria decision making (MCDM), interval TODIM method (I-TODIM), food supplier selection (FSS)