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Literature Review of Deep Learning for Physiological signal Analysis
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  • Nicolás Ortiz,
  • Ruben Dario Hernandez Beleño,
  • Mario Aldape Pérez,
  • Paola Andrea Niño Suárez
Nicolás Ortiz
Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Ruben Dario Hernandez Beleño
Universidad Militar Nueva
Mario Aldape Pérez
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Paola Andrea Niño Suárez
Instituto Politécnico Nacional


Deep Learning (DL) has proved to be a promising methodology for classification, recognition, prediction and end-to-end tasks. Recently it has proved its high potential in healthcare applications demostrating to be a succesful approach for physiological signals analysis. Therefore, in this paper we survey the lastest scientific research on deep learning in physiological signal data. The purpose of this paper is to indentify the lastest contributions on this field and overview lastest deep learning approaches.