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Low hardness indentation mechanics in CNx coatings
  • A S Bhattacharyya
A S Bhattacharyya
Centre of Excellence in Green and Efficient Energy Technology, Central University of Jharkhand, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Central University of Jharkhand

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Carbon-Nitride (CNx) coatings deposited by means of plasma vapour deposition led to the formation of g-C3N4 phase in a mainly amorphous matrix, Nanoindentation was performed on these coatings deposited on 304 SS (stainless steel) substrates. The positioning of the indentation i.e inside the grain formed and at the boundary showed prolific features pertaining to the understanding of extension of plastic volume and variations in interfacial fracture energies and the role played by ductile substrates in preventing damage to a component. The amorphous nature of the gain boundary is detrimental to the overall performance of the system as confirmed by the strain rate variations and has been suggested to get rid of by post deposition treatment