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Knowledge Mapping of Rural Elderly Health Research - A CiteSpace Bibliometric Analysis Based on the WOS Database
  • feifei li
feifei li
South China Agricultural University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Using CiteSpace 6.1.R6 bibliometrics software, we retrospectively analysed and mapped 1,184 articles in WOS in terms of co-citation, authors, institutions, keyword co-occurrence, keyword emergence, and keyword frequency, to summarize the hotspots and trends of the research on the health of the rural elderly, and to provide a basis for the research on the health of the rural elderly. The results of the analyses show that: (1) the research on the health of the rural elderly generally shows an annual trend of “fluctuating upward”. (2) The inter-institutional and inter-authorship collaborations show low network density and intermediary centrality, with fragmented research efforts and fewer collaborative achievements. (3) There are some differences in the research hotspots of rural elderly health, but the keyword cluster analysis shows that the research hotspots involve more areas. In the future, we should continue to broaden the depth and breadth of rural elderly health research.