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Numerical Simulation to Performance Enhancement of Staggered Tubes-Bundle With Gradient Pore Density of Metal Foam
  • Noor Mohsin Jasim,
  • Ahmed Abed Al Kadhem Majhool
Noor Mohsin Jasim
University of Kufa

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ahmed Abed Al Kadhem Majhool
University of Al-Qadisiyah College of Engineering
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At this study, pore density (10PPI and 20PPI) was investigated on performance of thermal-hydraulic of MFHE. The effect of double-layers of foam with thickness ratio of 0.43, and gradient of pore density were investigated. The pore density arrangement is with either increasing or decreasing pore density towards the heated wall of the tubes bundle ((20/10 PPI) or (10/20PPI) respectively). For double layers copper foam heat exchanger, the numerical results showed that the single segment of 20PPI have pressure drop higher than specimens double layers with order increasing (10/20 PPI), or decreasing (20/10PPI), single segment with a pore density of 10PPI and finned tube with approximately (10%, 15%, 39%, and 201% ) respectively, within the range of Reynold number from 1326 to 6630. Also, it was found that gradient of pore density with decreasing PPI towards heated wall (10/20) with fixed porosity led to increase thermal hydraulic performance with 7% -10% compared with single layer of 10 PPI and 20 PPI respectively.