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Energy Efficiency Enhancement in UAV Communication Systems
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  • * ASivasamy
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Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology

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* ASivasamy
Nehru Institute of Technology
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The research paper focuses on enhancing energy efficiency in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) communication systems. It aims to address the challenges posed by limited battery capacity and the critical need for reliable and sustainable communication in UAV operations. The study employs innovative methodologies, including adaptive modulation, transmission power control, error correction coding, and cooperative communication, to optimize data transmission and reception. Through extensive simulations and experiments, the research quantifies the benefits of these strategies in terms of reduced energy consumption, improved communication reliability, and extended mission durations. The findings underscore the significance of energy-efficient UAV communication for diverse applications, from agriculture to disaster response. The study contributes to the advancement of UAV technology, fostering more efficient and environmentally conscious operations in the realm of aerial robotics.